About Us

“The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to six year. For that is the time when man’s intelligence itself, his greatest implement is being formed.

But not only his intelligence, the full totality of his psychic powers…at no other age has the child greater need of intelligent help, and any obstacle that impedes his creative work will lesson the chance he has of achieving perfection”

Maria Montessori


The School of Modern Montessori is a loving, nurturing, home from home environment.

Each child in our care is treated with the utmost respect and is seen as an individual.

Our small classes meet the individual needs of the children and each child is guided through to develop to their fullest potential.

Our academic and creative arts programme equip the children with the necessary skills for their future advancement.

Our daily life-skills attitude is incorporated into the very life and soul of our School.

The children who commence their education with us at 2 ½ / 3 years and who leave us to enter High School are well prepared, independent, academically advanced and are confident to meet the needs of their new challenge.