“Let me tell you about my time at my Montessori school.  It was an excellent start to my school career and it strengthened me greatly, mentally and spiritually.  Not only was it a school, it was like one big family.  My teachers, Yvonne, guided me from PreSchool all the way up to Grade 7.

They helped me through the good times and the bad.  Montessori developed my personality.

I learnt many “life lessons” in a few short years that generally take alot longer to learn.

Montessori is a practical school, therefore I became a practical person.

At Montessori, my teachers became my friends.

It was a sad time when I had to say goodbye.  I was scared and excited, but I was well prepared.

So far I have thrived in life since I left that wonderful school.  I am very glad I went there, as it will always be a golden memory”.

Amy Diack (15 years)


Since our 3 children have been at The School of Modern Montessori in Gillitts, they have really flourished.

My youngest has experienced delays in his speech, and the teachers have been so patient, going out of their way to help him learn at a pace he is comfortable with.  His self confidence has grown in leaps and bounds and he is doing so well in the close knit school environment.

My other 2 children were struggling to keep up at their previous school, falling behind and dreading going to school; there were tears every morning.

Since starting at The School of Modern Montessori, they look forward to going to school each day, they are comfortable in their environment and are doing so well academically.

At the end of each day, they enthusiastically tell me about all of the things they have been doing.

It is such a joy to see them enjoying their education so much!

With the small classes and individual attention they get, they have come to love school and see learning as a positive experience.

We unfortunately are re-locating to Johannesburg; however we are extremely lucky as they will be moving across to The School of Modern Montessori in Linbro Park.

We thank Yvonne, Nicole and Robyn for enriching our children’s lives through this wonderful school.

Kelly Hall


Our little boy has been at The School of Modern Montessori, Gillitts, for his Pre-School years.  We feel that we could not have chosen a better school for him to spend these important formative years.  He has received the best care and nurture from the excellent teachers, formed important early childhood friendships with other children in the small classes, and thrived in the Montessori early learning environment.  As a result, we have a child who is noticeably observant of the world around him, keen to learn and loves to explore.  We feel the Montessori method, which is highly structured yet sensitive to each child’s specific needs and pace of development, has been highly beneficial and has allowed him to maintain a feeling of security and confidence about school.

Nicci Mander


“I started going to Yvonne’s Montessori School when I turned 3.  I loved it from the word go!”  There was just so much to learn and the classroom was a very interesting place for me. I was so lucky to be in the Montessori School until I turned 12 and then I had to say goodbye.

But it  prepared me so well for High School.  I think my general knowledge is excellent because I was taught so many different things in great detail.

Montessori teachers taught me how to respect myself, my friends and other people.

At Montessori we talk things through when we have problems.  We all have a voice and this makes us feel unique and special so we learn how to deal with problems and people in a civilised way.

It also taught me how important it is to respect the smallest little animal or plant.

What a pity the whole world cannot receive a Montessori education.  The School of Modern Montessori in Gillitts is the greatest and Yvonne is the best teacher I have ever had.  I will never forget her.  When I think of that school, it feels like home.”


David Diack (13 years old)


I have known Yvonne for 7 years as she has been Principal and teacher to my children since 2004.  She is a highly dedicated teacher who is passionate about her job and the children’s individuality.

Each child is respected for who they are and helped to reach their full potential.

She gets to know each ones’s character and allows them to learn and work in their own special way.  The reports say it all to me – they know my child.

My son’s and daughter have absolutely excelled under Yvonne’s guidance and I have seen them growing in confidence, as well as becoming enthusiastic learners with a love and thirst for knowledge.

She is patient, consistent, dedicated and very passionate in the classroom, always giving the children 100% of herself as she guides them to reach their unique potential.

Sue Hutton

(Mum to Michael 16 years, Caitlyn 13 years and Matthew 9 years)


I have known Mrs Evans for 11 years,in the capacity of a teacher to both my children for most of that time and latterly as a member of her school team.  Mrs Evans has an exquisite and innate understanding of the child, and an inexplicable dedication to her work from which our Montessori School benefits enormously.

Mrs Evans has always maintained a high standard of professionalism and work ethic and is enormously respected by her colleagues, students, parents and learners largely due to her passion for teaching, her love of children and her sound knowledge of and application of the Montessori Philosophy of education.

Mrs Evans is an asset to the teaching profession.

  1. Diack